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Jean-Louis VÉZIEN

Alsace produces the finest aromatic white wines in the World :

Yet again, this has been shown to be true !

Throughout 2019, we successfully celebrated the Universality of Alsace Wines, not only because they are present worldwide on every continent, but also because of their brilliant diversity, born of the multitude of grape varieties and terroirs, enabling them to partner all kinds of national cuisine.

Firstly, I would like to thank the countless fans of fine gastronomy, consoeurs and confrères, who have shown their confidence by attending our various events during this vintage year. However, none of these would have been possible to organize without the unfailing support of members of both the Grand Council, our governing body, and the junior Council, to whom I offer my grateful thanks, without forgetting our permanent team, led by General Manager Eric Fargeas, who daily ensure the quality of all our events.

2019 will go down in the annals of the Confrérie as an unforgettable year :

Unforgettable for the keynote ceremonial chapters held at the Château, as well as our participation in an impressive number of overseas chapters (revealed in more detail in this present newsletter).

Unforgettable too for the energy displayed by the members of our junior Council led by its Major, Céline Stentz, who have re-established the tradition of an annual study trip to a foreign wine region, who have carefully managed our fabulous wine collection of 65 000 bottles, which is a unique and living memory of the wines of Alsace… and who have organized our biennial wine auction.

Unforgettable for the first edition of a new annual event that will bring together wine professionals : “The Château Schwendi Conference”.

Unforgettable also for the participation of two Academy permanent secretaries, whose presence underlined the support we enjoy from the highest authorities of our country.

Unforgettable finally for the almost total achievement of the restoration work on our Château, which will enable my successor, Pierre Ruhlmann, to whom I send my best wishes for a successful mandate, to welcome his guests in a wonderfully renovated setting !

Jean-Louis VEZIEN

Grand Maître 2019