... les vins d'Alsace au cœur de l'excellence.

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Grand Maitre 2020-2021

La Grande Histoire des Vins d’Alsace


For a winegrower who loves history, Alsace and its fine wines, what an honour it has been for me to preside as Grand Maître within the walls of the Château of Lazare de Schwendi, newly re-roofed above and with 60 000 bottles below, bearing witness to decades of history of Alsace wines.

During our events and chapters, I have sought to share and transmit this honour, enthusiasm and pleasure to our guests, who come from all horizons !

I appreciated the quality and team spirit that prevailed during my time in office : the availability of our Chancelier-Receveur, the faithful presence of my sister and brother Confrères, the physical and vocal support of our Grand Massier, the attentive contribution of my Major Alexandre, the active participation of his team of junior councilors and the constructive help of our permanent staff.

The chapters were gastronomic events of the highest level, allied to festive tastings of our « sigillé » wines, thanks to chefs Sylvie and Gilles Grucker of “Pressoir de Bacchus” in Blienschwiller, Jean-Christophe Perrin of “L’Altevic” in Hattstatt and Henri Gagneux of “La Palette” in Wettolsheim.

Pandemic restrictions prevented the usual international Confrérie events from taking place, but my wife Jocelyne and I were happy to attend one chapter in Sweden. We regret that circumstances did not allow us to honour the habitually magnificent events organised by our overseas delegations. Nonetheless, as part of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union, the honour of welcoming a delegation of 54 ambassadors from all over the world to our Château was a welcome opportunity to project the image and traditions of our Confrérie internationally.

The world is evolving rapidly and the first steps of our future orientation have already been taken to ensure that our prestigious Confrérie evolves in parallel, as falling behind would be to our detriment.

My sincerest good wishes go to my successor as Grand Maître, Serge Dubs and to his Major Fanny Paillocher, as well as a warm welcome to all our new junior councilors and to our new members.

Tradition dictates that it is always at the very end of our ceremonies that the Herald intervenes, and so I have left it to the very end of this letter to extend my cordial thanks to him !

Being elected Grand Maître has been a great adventure, as shared moments of conviviality have far outweighted any difficulties encountered during my double mandate. It was well worth the effort !


Grand Maître 2020-2021

Winegrower in EICHOFFEN